from by RAT TRAP



Everyday is another battle in an endless war against this debt.
I fear that I will die before these demands are ever met.
This debt keeps growing every single passing day.
I never thought I would struggle just to get paid.

Wageslaves, always bringing me down.
Everyday I work like a fucking dog.
I didn't know that money would become my god.
Never enough cash to pay the fucking bills.
On my way to becoming just another shill.
So I slave away.
I slave away.

I am not a number I am a human being.
I can not be bought and I can not be sold.
Yet every single day you work my fingers to the bone just for you to fuck me out of something I have fucking earned.
So I slave away.
I slave away.
Wageslaves, always bringing me down.


from HOLY LAW, released November 21, 2014



all rights reserved


RAT TRAP Boston, Massachusetts

RAT TRAP was a Boston based hardcore band from 2012-2016.

Steal this shit cause it's over.

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