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released November 21, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Sean Fitzpatrick at The Brick Hithouse.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege.

Vocals: Trav
Vocals/Guitar: Tay
Guitar: Steve
Bass: Kev
Drums: Nik



all rights reserved


RAT TRAP Boston, Massachusetts

RAT TRAP was a Boston based hardcore band from 2012-2016.

Steal this shit cause it's over.

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Track Name: Buried In It
Stripped of rights by a burdenless soul,
Bury this life where no one goes.

I can't make my way out. I can't escape this.
Depression holds me down like a sack of bricks.

I am trapped like a rat.
No end to this fucking maze.
I am trapped like a rat.
I cannot escape this crippling daze.

I am stuck in a world of shit.
I will die buried in it.

Trapped like a rat. Trapped like a rat.

I can't make it out of this fucking maze.
There's no escape from this crippling daze.
Doomed to this fate for which I must wait.
I live in shit and I will die buried in it.
Buried in it.
Track Name: Waste
I do this for myself, not for anyone else.
Carrying this weight alone, struggling to atone.
You can't take this burden from me, on and on I'll go.
Don't need any help from you, I can see it through.

Can you even think for yourself or is all from someone else?
What a waste of time. Live your life away from mine.
You were never in my corner, only there to slow me down.
What a waste of time. Live your life away from mine.

Don't call me your fucking brother, just move along you fucking clown.
I can't stand anymore of your bullshit, not gunna waste another day.
No one cares about your problems, they're manufactured anyway.
You are scum.
Track Name: Loathe
I've got no one left, no one left to blame,
Except the man in the mirror that I see every fucking day.
I hate myself more than anyone else.
I am a failure. I want to die.

I hate myself more than anyone else.
I am a failure. I want to die.

I will never be what you expect of me.
So forget my mistakes or bury me.
Track Name: Wageslaves
Everyday is another battle in an endless war against this debt.
I fear that I will die before these demands are ever met.
This debt keeps growing every single passing day.
I never thought I would struggle just to get paid.

Wageslaves, always bringing me down.
Everyday I work like a fucking dog.
I didn't know that money would become my god.
Never enough cash to pay the fucking bills.
On my way to becoming just another shill.
So I slave away.
I slave away.

I am not a number I am a human being.
I can not be bought and I can not be sold.
Yet every single day you work my fingers to the bone just for you to fuck me out of something I have fucking earned.
So I slave away.
I slave away.
Wageslaves, always bringing me down.
Track Name: Venomous Rhetoric
I would rather fucking suffer, be nailed to a wooden cross.
Than kneel to a god I don't believe in.

Your words are venomous, like the bite of a serpent.
You're trying to brainwash the impressionable youth.

You're spewing hate speech, painting it as "holy law,"
Just one more fucking snake lying in the grass.

Using faith as a weapon to attack those that oppose,
All to please a deity who will not show.

It's a lie.

You'd kill the innocent to earn your place in heaven.
Eat a fucking bullet to see if it even exists.

That book is bullshit, nothing more than children's stories.
Yet you hold on to them like they are the truth.

We're all insignificant, just waiting to die.
Accept your fate, don't lie to yourself.

It's a lie.

I took the mask from over my eyes after years of deceit.
I don't like anything I see.
Your world is not the real thing, just a fantasy.

We're all fucked.